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We are situated in The Mary Valley, Queensland , Australia. We live on a 200 acre farm full of rolling hills and happy cows. At the studio, we use the finest botanical ingredients, creating a stunning range of ethical, stylish and environmentally-conscious products. Most of the products in our range happen to be vegan friendly.

Our preparations are free from all nasty additives and are preservative-free where possible. We pride ourselves on sourcing our ingredients locally, as well as our packaging. All of our products are made in small batches by hand and will always be produced that way. Quality assurance is important to us. We have gone right back to basics and keep our formulas as simple and pure as we can, to avoid allergies and irritations.

Our beeswax polish range has been tested and holds a current safety data sheet.  Our new Botanics Furniture Paint range is perfect for a matte finish that many prefer for furniture painting. Botanics contains clays, chalk and natural pigments. We do not use masking agents in our paints.  Our paints and finishes are fully eco approved. We take a keen interest in what happens to your skin, our environment, our water ways and animal life.  We love the fact that as manufacturers we can make a difference to the world around us. L'ESSENTIEL really does encompass the very best of everything.